AP English IV (Period 3)

Course Description

Welcome to Advanced Placement (AP) English IV. I am excited about my opportunity to teach and your opportunity to learn about literature of the world, particularly British Literature. In this class, you will learn to read actively and closely analyze various works of drama, poetry, and fiction chosen primarily from the British literary canon. During this class, you will be exposed to both fiction and nonfiction forms of literature including essays, letters, diaries, journals, sermons, textbooks, maps, speeches, newspapers, novels, poems and electronic media. You will complete numerous short and long writing assignments.


Course Objectives:

            Canton High School AP English IV is designed to prepare students for the College Board Advanced Placement English Literature and Composition exam. In order to receive weighted credit for this class, students are required to take the Advanced Placement Literature and Composition exam in May.  Students may earn up to six college credits depending on their exam scores. The students will be asked to pay for their exam, which is due in October.