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Eligibility Requirements

9th – must have completed and passed all classes in 8th grade with exception of one class.

10th – must have at least 5 credits toward graduation.

11th – must have at least 10 credits toward graduation or 5 credits earned the previous year.

12th – must have at least 17 credits toward graduation or must have passed 5 courses during the previous 12 months.

To maintain eligibility, all students must pass each course, every six-weeks for the entire school year. They also must be enrolled in at least 5 one-half credit courses that semester. Students may not miss a class more than 10 times during the year for extracurricular activities. Students who become ineligible may work out or practice after the end of the school day. If a student is passing all courses at the end of three weeks following ineligibility, he/she may regain eligibility for the following three weeks.

Students who are absent from school for more than two classes for any reason other than a school related event will not be allowed to participate in school related activities on that day or evening. Students who are suspended from school (OCS or out-of-school) are not allowed to attend, nor are they allowed to participate in any school related activity until the suspension has been completed.