AP English III (Period 8)

Course Description

Welcome to Advanced Placement (AP) English III. I am excited about my opportunity to teach and your opportunity to learn about the literature that shaped America. During this class, you will be exposed to both fiction and nonfiction forms of literature including essays, letters, diaries, journals, sermons, textbooks, maps, speeches, newspapers, novels, and electronic media. You will complete numerous short and long writing assignments, including a fully documented research paper. By the time you have reached this level of your high school career, you should have a proficient knowledge of grammar and usage. Therefore, this class will focus on the more advanced areas of grammar and writing style. Individual grammar needs will be addressed as needed. While STAAR instruction is certainly an important feature in the English class, it is merely one component of a well-rounded course designed to build the skills you will need as you move toward college.

Course Description:

            The Advanced Placement English course is a rigorous college-level course designed to teach students the skills normally gained during the first year of college English. Students will learn to sustain discussions of topics in language and American culture, producing coherent, logical, and well-written arguments about current issues and American Literature. Students will respond personally and reflectively to a range of literature, focusing primarily on nonfiction and secondarily on American literary fiction.  Students will also learn to independently analyze, summarize, and interpret the works they encounter, as well as express their responses in various written or spoken formats. 

Course Objectives:

            Canton High School AP English III is designed to prepare students for the College Board Advanced Placement English Language and Composition exam, ACT, SAT, and PSAT, while meeting the standards of the state-mandated Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS).  In order to receive weighted credit for this class, students are required to take the Advanced Placement Language and Composition exam in May.  Students may earn up to three college credits depending on their exam scores. Students are asked to pay for the exam in October. Please plan for this in advance.