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Mr. Duty's Classes

Looking forward to another great year here at CHS:
I teach English IV (seniors) and Pre-AP English II (sophomores.) I also coach the CHS Archery Team. Let me know if you're interested.

***Parents, please contact me with any questions or concerns. My email address is

I use Remind to send out about information about due dates, test dates, school announcements, etc.

Follow these instructions to sign up:

If your senior student is my 1st or 5th period class, 
text @dbc64c to the number 81010

If your senior student is in my 6th or 7th period class,
text @egbfc2 to the number 81010

If your sophomore student is in my 2nd or 3rd period class, 
text @k8g84f to 81010
If your sophomore student is my 8th period class, text @76f89k to 81010

Here are a few things you can ask your student on a regular basis:

-Are you keeping up with your journal for the nine weeks?
-Are you doing your vocabulary homework and studying for vocabulary tests?
- Do you have any chapters assigned for reading at home?
-Are you reading the book you selected for book report?
-Are you completing your study guide for the novels/plays that you're reading?
-Did you take care of your make-up work for the days you were absent?
-Are you doing your part of the group projects?