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Students interested in joining the Spanish Club for the 2020-2021 school year are encouraged to come by Sra. Lloyd's room to sign up and receive commitment forms. To be eligible for the Spanish Club students must meet the following requirements:
  • Currently be enrolled in Spanish I,II,III,IV
  • Completed Spanish I-III
  • Maintain a passing average in current Spanish class.
  • Obtain and maintain 20 club points per Nine Week Period.(Additional information regarding points may be obtained in Sra. Lloyd's room as well.)
  • Meeting info and up to date Spanish Club information is available on daily announcements or by seeing Sra. Lloyd.


Spanish Club Sponsors:

Paige Lloyd (Spanish I) Room #419

Melissa Yarbrough (Spanish I, II) Room #418

Kurt Hook (Spanish II, III, IV, ESL) Room #417