Meal Prices & Menus

Breakfast Price $1.35 (Reduced Price $0.30)
Lunch Price $2.60 (Reduced Price $0.40)
Canton High School has a closed campus lunch policy for all students except seniors. The only students who will be allowed to leave campus at lunchtime MUST be classified as seniors. Following lunch, seniors who fail to report to their assigned class prior to the tardy bell will have their off campus lunch privileges revoked for a minimum of five school days.

The menus are planned by the Director of Dining Services, Christy McClelen to meet the state and federal guidelines for proper nutrition. Students will be allowed to eat in the cafeteria only.

If you have any questions please call Manuela Caldera, cafeteria manager.  903-567-6561 ext 4011


You may download our menu app at  School Lunch by Nutrislice.  
You can also go to to see our menus.