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Scholarship Application Tips

Be the Best Scholarship Applicant
So you determined that you meet the eligibility requirements for a scholarship, but now the question is – how can I differentiate myself as the best scholarship candidate? Below are some words of advice to distinguish your application from dozens or hundreds of others.
Convince the reader: Don't sell yourself short in the essay. Your story is unique, so tell it. This is the time to show your confidence. Highlight a few of your high school accomplishments in a way that shows you’re proud of your achievements. Outline the specifics, such as leadership roles that you held and the success of major activities. Consider what the scholarship is for and who will be reading your essay before you begin to write. Most scholarship committees would prefer to hear about selected activities to which you dedicated considerable time versus reading a laundry list of organizations or events. Make certain you have a parent, teacher, or friend read your essay to check the grammar and offer constructive criticism before you submit the essay.
Nail the interview: Some scholarship programs require an interview. Think about the questions that the interviewer might ask and practice your response. Using specific examples about what you are passionate about and accomplishments that you are proud of goes a long way. Practice with parent, teacher, or friend. And remember - take a deep breath. You may be nervous, but remember that they want to get to know you.
Make yourself known: Providing meaningful letters of recommendation builds a stronger case for your scholarship application. Ask teachers, club leaders, and school counselors who know you and what you have or what you want to accomplish. If you want the person writing the recommendation letter to highlight specific accomplishments or activities, remind them of those details. Many people who write these recommendations appreciate having their memory jogged. And remember - don’t wait until the last minute to ask.
College scholarships can be very competitive. Put your best foot forward through the scholarship application process to stand out from the crowd.